Large-tailed Nightjar spotted at Sungei Buloh


This Large-tailed Nightjar was spotted on one of the trees in Sungei Buloh. As it’s name suggests, Nightjar is active at night. It makes a loud monotonous “tolk tolk” sound and it’s more often heard than seen. It feeds on moths, beetles and other insects. In the day, it usually sits motionlessly on tree branches like the one shown here.

Long-tailed Macaque sighted on a tree.


Nothing out of the ordinary, except that the tree is growing here… on the left is a hawker center and on the right (not shown in photo) is a petrol kiosk.

On Wednesday, 17 July 2009, Hubby and I were enjoying our favourite fish soup at Sembawang Hill Food Centre when he spotted a lone Long-tailed Macaque up on a tree. As we always roam the nature reserves and see macaques all the time, he thought nothing of it until he realised that we were at a hawker center – not in the reserves! He quickly whipped out his camera and took a few shots of the macaque.

The macaque looking for food scraps – tearing plastic bags that it took out from a dustbin nearby.

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